Saturday, May 31, 2008


fighting the urge
to curl into a ball
and fall back asleep
while the mountain of laundry
sits all alone
imagining its destiny
of being folded
and put right away


Jessica said...

This makes me feel guilty - not only did I not get to the laundry, I didn't even write a poem about it! lol
Thanks for visiting my blog. I enjoyed reading yours. Your daughter is beautiful! And I can't wait to see what summer looks like in your neck of the world.

cortina said...

thanks for checking out my website. we have to share stories! i love this poem. reminds me that i should be doing the laundry instead of this! NOT! but maybe that the laundry has a personality and i should care for it a little more :) i love your poems and your daughter is beautiful. i look forward to reading your blog and poetry in the are you married to a swiss? where was livia born?