Saturday, May 16, 2009


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Lianna said...

LOL! I'm not one for slouching socks either!

I wanted to say that I understand exactly what you're saying in your last comment on my post "Push".

I think there is some kind of license that people take with children who have disabilities and their parents.

I know when I hear another parent say, "Oh Jack! Hug him back!" and the kid is frozen stiff under Gabe's embrace, I just want to scream.

Or if an allowance is made for Gabe because he has Down syndrome (I read immediately "pity" when this happens...), I can't seem to find an appropriate, immediate and strong response to the person offending. I'm like, "Is this happening?"

I think speaking out comes with experience. I just hope I can bring out a little panache when I do! LOL! ;)