Sunday, March 28, 2010


i don't talk much here, but somehow the silence is loud at the moment and i want to chat (if only to myself, and randomly). want to say that livia REALLY IS GREAT. my pride gets the best of me sometimes. then i wonder if i'm especially proud of who she is and how she is in the world because of her extra something.

i have a particular radar for prying eyes of folks walking us by, and i wonder what they wonder... wonder if i get extra-mama-marks cause i'm a mama to someone "special". then i wonder if i hand them out to myself sometimes for the very same reason...

and because it was livia's 4th birthday just days ago, i've been washed over with memories and pictures and feelings from that time which does- and doesn't- feel so far away.

i've always felt so nourished from the love and support of our family and friends as livia entered our lives... but honestly, that didn't surprise me at all. i surround myself with open-minded and hearted people, and their basket woven of faith and curiosity and love, felt natural and like home.

what did surprise me, was the absolute acceptance of also those in my more extended circle of aquaintances and friends... so much to the point that i started to wonder why people weren't asking me more often about how it is for me to have a child with down syndrome ( and i don't think it was a silence born of fear. it felt like an acceptance of something which was unexpected and different, and for which heartfelt congratulations and blessings were also immediately offered.) ironic somehow, in light of the many, many painful stories i've heard in the other direction.

and now we are here.

my daughter is fiesty and bossy as can be.
she says no to almost everything...
she ADORES her papa and her 3 brothers.
she loves to take off her clothes and play 'air-guitar'
to swiss rock bands.
she eats with pleasure.
doesn't like her foods mixed. (cheese & bread is great; melted cheese on bread is not.)
she loves to swing.
she's starting to get picky about what she wears.
swiss-german, english and ASL are the sources of her emerging words.
she eats at least 2 homemade popcicles a day.
she turns everything into a phone.
she likes to close doors and dishwashers.
she has been potty-trained since the end of last summer.
she wants to do everything on her own now.
water is her element.
her love for setting the table puts her brothers to shame.
she almost runs down the stairs.
anything sweet is called a cookie.
she loves to draw and paint.

i love her dearly.


Anonymous said...

I've been waiting for a post like this one. You're mysterious and private on this blog but there is something about the photos you do post that makes me feel like I know you somehow. I know that must sound strange (hopefully not creepy!).

I love hearing about Livia.♥

Lindsay said...

LOVE the words ... that go so perfectly with everything else. Can't WAIT to see you xxx

Nana Kim said...

Tekeal, your post is so beautifully written. Your Mom read it to everyone at the table at Easter. Thank you for writing and sharing your thoughts.
Much love to everyone....

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing Livia with the world (us). Love the bicycle!

cortina said...

yeah! you haven´t written in awhile and I LOVE your writing style! so RIGHT ON! by the way, you sound like a super patient mama. how do you do it???????? and i agree, LIVIA IS GREAT! <3

Lisa said...

I love her too, from across the ocean. I love the pictures, love the words, love the thought behind it all...