Thursday, September 2, 2010

big girl

lots happening in livi's world:

*kindergarten (full inclusion :-))
*great check-ups
*stubbornness, or loving to sit and NOT MOVE
(while signing 'eat', and saying 'stay mama'... as in: go and
get me lunch while i wait for you here on the sidewalk, mama)
*beloved papabikerides
*hangin' w bro...


Anonymous said...

What a great update! Oh,that Livia looks SO snuggable! And yet so big girl now! Hope school goes well. Gabe starts on September 7th...SK.

Becca said...

Glad to see she also has bear nice and safely strapped into his stroller! I'd love to hear how Kindergarten goes for her - I've been stressing out about it, and we still have another year until then!!

Lindsay said...

LOVE love love these windows into your lives :) .. .why did I not look in for almost over a month???!
Huge hugs for you all... xxx