Monday, September 19, 2011

livia is teaching us patience; so often i'm failing

livia's head is harder than mine, and mine is taurean hard. with time-limits of places to go and places to be, livia's sitting on the ground or pretending not to hear our "let's go!" pleas- can be ultimately frustrating. i am in no way under the illusion that we are alone. children are supposed to test their wills, and with that, the clarity, patience, creativity and perseverance (or lack therof ) of good-willed parents.

of course i will never know what attributes can be connected to down syndrome... though it seems stubbornness is a shared one. being an aries probably doesn't help the situation either.

i love livia's feistiness. i hope i can keep up with her lessons about patience while still being a guiding light as i am supposed to be.

(these pictures are by a friend, yves maurer, who spontaneously invited livia to a quick photo shoot one evening when we met in town. they speak a thousand, feisty words, i'd say.)


Becca said...

Oh, yes, feisty indeed!! I know those looks well. LOL Still a stunning cutie!!! :-)

BLOOM - Parenting Kids With Disabilities said...

I LOVE the pics -- hysterical and adorable -- and it is great to hear from you and about Livia.

I often feel that parenting Ben is teaching me how to be more (you name it -- patient, able to live in the present, to express unconditional love etc etc)


Anonymous said...

My friend with a son with Ds swears the stubborn gene is on the Chromosome 21.

Love the photos, as usual.

cortina said...

hi! how are you? happy new year! your post...well said! LOL! i saw a sibling video once and every sibling said the same thing- they taught me a lot about patience! but it is such a struggle!!!!!!!!!! still, we love 'em!